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ROBINSONS have been feeding residents of West Central Alberta for the past one hundred years. We have been bringing good food to Jasper since 1923.

Ours is a family-owned and family-run business in all that time.

That should signify to you that we believe in the value of our staff and have learned to treat them as people, not numbers.

We are, therefore, anxious to have happy employees represent our family name in the town we love. We look forward to finding employees who respect those views and wish to join us in that spirit.

Details you need to know...

• I agree to present proof of age and a Social Insurance Card if I am offered a position with Robinson Foods, understanding that this is essential information for insurance/pension purposes.
• I understand that I will be required to show proof of the validity of my driver’s licence, professional licenses, and/or education when such certification constitutes a job requirement.
• I agree to provide information identifying previous and past employers, to be approached for references.
• I understand that such references will only be sought with my knowledge and permission.
• I understand that police reference checks and security clearance may be required for certain positions.
• By clicking the 'Submit' button, I authorize Robinson Foods to conduct a background investigation and authorize the release of information in connection with my application for employment.
• I understand that the information will be considered with my qualifications for employment with Robinson Foods.
• I waive my right of access to such information and hereby release the Robinson Foods and the reference source from any liability in connection with the release or use of the information.

By submitting my application, I agree that:
The foregoing statements are correct to the best of my knowledge and I understand that a misrepresentation of this form may disqualify me for employment or cause my dismissal.

Please review the information in this job application form prior to submitting.

Please click the Submit button only once.

The information I am giving on this application for employment is true and complete and is subject to verification by Robinson Foods. I also understand that any misrepresentation or falsification, regardless of when discovered, may subject me to disqualification or dismissal from employment with Robinson Foods.

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